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Our Story

Garré Winery is located in Livermore California. Historians can trace the viticulture activity in the Livermore Valley back to 1832. We can trace our family wine making back to the early 19th century as well to a small village outside of Genoa Italy.

A family photo hangs in our Tasting Room of Nonna "Rosa" Garré (pictured right) with a glass of wine in her hand and her son in law Gino Molinaro holding the jug of family wine. The picture was taken in Glen Ellen at our family's summer cabin in the early 1930's.

My Dad, (Bob Molinaro, Garré Winery owner) tells the story of his Dad and Uncles getting together every year to make their wine for the family. The truck would bring red grapes from Napa to San Francisco, where the families lived. The grapes would be crushed and fermented and the wine would be made. My Uncles learned from their Uncles who brought their knowledge and experience from the Old Country to the New World.

Our heritage and family traditions are the backbone of Garré, welcoming everyone who visits as
family to enjoy the experience of Old Italy. Stop by for a visit, you'll be glad you did.

Share in our toast of "a glass from the past, a toast to the future".

Gina Molinaro-Cardera

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